Eight Brocades Qi Gong with Blanche Boyce, BA, MMQ

Sundays February 22 – March 29, 2015, 11:00 – 12:15 (6 weeks)
at Master Gee‛s Black Belt Academy
5508 Hastings Street, Burnaby.

Medical Qi Gong is one of the four branches of Chinese medicine.

The focus of this class will be to introduce students to a series of movement called The Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade Qi Gong.

The Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade Qi Gong is a graceful and elegant set of movements designed to increase vitality and cultivate Qi. One of the oldest “sets” of Qi Gong, the “Eight Brocades” is considered a fundamental form and one of the most effective Qi Gong sets to improve health, strength, tranquility and longevity. Like all Qi Gong,  it works on multiple levels leaving the practitioner feeling reinvigorated in body, mind and spirit. Learn these simple techniques to propel yourself into a healthier way of living.

In addition, the class will include:

  • Qi Gong for Purging, Tonifying and Circulating Qi
  • Fundamental Daoist Qi Gong Concepts
  • Daoist Visualization and Meditations
  • Walking Qi Gong
  • Breath Work

Tuition and Registration:
Tuition: $125(includes taxes) payable prior to first class
Drop-In: $23.00 per class
Registration: Contact Blanche Boyce 604.760.4344 or [email protected]

Explore this ancient discipline of energy (Qi ) cultivation to promote health and longevity

Instructor Blanche Boyce, Master of Medical Qi Gong

Instructor Blanche Boyce, Master of Medical Qi Gong

Blanche is a graduate of the International Institute of Medical Qi Gong (IIMQ), California (www.qigongmedicine.com) and Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China. In addition she has advanced training in Kongjing Qigong with Master Richter and Grand Master Peng; training in Xiantianwujimen (Primordial Limitless Gate) Qigong with 19th generation lineage holder Master Eva Wong, and training with Grandmaster Ken Cohen.
Blanche is an Acupressure Therapist, a Medical Qi Gong Therapist, a Martial Artist and a Tai Chi enthusiast, often bringing elements from all of these disciplines into her classes.
She works in North Vancouver and can be contacted at: [email protected] or 604.760.4344

Visit www.BlancheBoyce.com

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