Online Belt Promotion Form

For March 8th – 10th, 2018.

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Time of belt promotion for date chosen is listed in the table below.

Please provide feedback identifying the impact MGBBA has had on you or your child and how it could benefit others. We take your comments seriously as we are eager to know how we can improve to better serve our students and their families.

Belt promotion ceremony

Belt promotion ceremony

Belt Promotion Dates and times:

 Thursday, March 8thFriday, March 9thSaturday, March 10th
Junior Beginner6:30pm6:30pm12:30pm
Junior Intermediate7:00pm7:00pm1:00pm
Junior Advanced7:30pm7:30pm1:00pm
Teen/Adult Beginner8:00pm8:00pm1:30pm
Teen/Adult Intermediate8:00pm8:00pm1:30pm
Teen/Adult Advanced8:00pm8:00pm1:30pm
*Please note: all start times are approximate. Actual start times are affected by the number of students participating.

MGBBA Belt Promotion Fee – $60.00

This fee is usually paid through your Monthly Tuition unless:

  1. You are a 3rd(4th, 5th etc) Family member on our Family Training Program.
  2. You are on a Trial Program, usually a 1 or 3 Month Program.
  3. You joined years and years ago this fee was not included with your Monthly Tuition price.

If any of these apply to you please see Ms.Tasha @ the Front Desk.

Helpful Tips:

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to prepare.
  • Please no seat saving for anyone other than spouse and/or children.
  • Students must wear their Full Uniform (White, Black or Camouflage – NO T-shirts!)
  • Relatives and special guests are welcome! Also, cameras and camcorders are allowed for private home viewing only.
  • When walking on the training floor (padded mats), please remove your shoes.
  • No posting any pictures or video of any other student or staff members online without Academy permission.
  • Have fun!

If you have any problems registering online, you can still download the promotion forms here: