Master Gee’s Halloween Party and Raffle

Come & Celebrate Halloween Master Gee’s style!

Saturday, October 28th
Tigers – 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Juniors – 2:30pm to 3:30pm

Wear your Halloween costume and enjoy some Halloween Treats! We will be playing some Fun Party Games so please feel free to bring your friends to enjoy the fun with you!

Students can earn MGBBA Raffle tickets by inviting their friends into class. (Please see FAQ below for details.) Raffle winners will collect their Grand Prizes from our MGBBA Raffle during the party! The winners will get to hit their Favorite Instructor in the FACE with a pie AND some MGBBA swag!

We will be having Door Prizes that day for Students AND their friends! The Door Prizes for the Party includes: a new Uniform, T-Shirts, Weapons, Hoodies, Private Lessons and more!!!

Students must write their full name on the back of the ticket then put it in the appropriate box in the viewing area. The boxes will be labeled: TIGERS, JUNIORS and ADULTS.


How can I get tickets for the MGBBA Raffle?
You may qualify for a ticket if you Bring:

  • A Buddy to Class(1 Ticket)
  • A Buddy to Enroll as a Trial Student(5 Tickets)
  • A Buddy to Enroll as a Regular Student(Ticket Tornado)

What is a Ticket Tornado?
A Ticket Tornado is a 1-2 count spin off the ticket roll. You should end up with multiple tickets which will increase your chance of being a winner!

When can I bring my friend to class?
You can bring your friend to ANY of our All Belts or Beginner classes(Even if you are not a beginner).

Do my friend’s Parents need to sign a waiver?
YES! Your friend’s Parent/Guardian will need to sign our regular Buddy Day waiver or our MGBBA Guest Passes and those can be found at the front desk.

How will you decide who wins?
We will draw a ticket from our Tiger/Junior/Adult raffle boxes. We will pick multiple winners from each age group.

If I don’t win the raffle, will there still be a chance for me to win a prize?!
Yes! If you attend our MGBBA Halloween Party, where the Door Prizes will be given out. You will have another chance simply by showing up to win a variety of prizes.

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