Congrats to Mr. Lau & Mr. Haile!

Blen and David holding trophyIf you missed out on the Master Gee’s Christmas potluck in December, you might not have heard about our newest dojo award winners.

Our fun holiday event featured the presentation of awards for Student of the Year and Instructor of the Year for 2014:

  • Student of the Year: David Lau, 1st degree black belt. Mr. Lau was recognized for his long-term contributions to the Academy as a volunteer photographer, as well as for his perseverance in training.
  • Instructor of the Year: Blen Haile, 3rd degree black belt. Mr. Haile was commended for his growth as an instructor and commitment to supporting both young students and apprentices in our black belt training program.

Mr. Lau and Mr. Haile will have their names added to the Master Gee’s trophy. Congratulations to both of our award winners!

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