Tigers (ages 4-7)

We love working with young children and contributing to their development. Master Gee’s Tigers classes are designed especially to meet the needs and abilities of children aged 4-7. From time to time, we will accept three-year-olds who are truly ready to begin training.


Our fun-filled, encouraging approach to martial arts helps our Tigers build confidence while they develop fundamental physical, social and emotional skills, including:

  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Athletic Ability
  • Eye/Hand Motor Skills
  • Coordination and Dexterity
  • Patience
  • Focus
  • Confidence
  • Character

Using flexible plastic targets, instructors guide Tigers through basic punching and kicking moves and sequences. Tigers practice various self defense techniques and learn how to use a strong voice to attract help. Each Tiger class also includes a group discussion on the essentials of good character.

Tiger belts

Tiger belts

Tigers progress through nine belt levels during their training and all belt levels train in the same class.

  • White
  • White w/Orange
  • White w/Gold
  • White w/Green
  • White w/Purple
  • White w/Blue
  • White w/Red
  • White w/Brown
  • Camouflage

Once students have celebrated their eighth birthday, they join our Juniors classes at the level of Orange belt.


Master Gee’s has an excellent safety record. We don’t allow students to engage in physical contact with each other until they have gained control of their kicks and punches and learned how to block (defend) and roll safely.

In our experience, children aged 4 to 7 are still developing their ability to sit still, listen to instructions and interact appropriately with their classmates. They generally don’t have the physical coordination or emotional maturity to safely practice martial arts with each other. That’s why all our Tigers classes are non-contact only, with students interacting directly with an instructor to practice their kicks, punches and self defense techniques.

“My son loves his classes”

He enjoys attending and practicing at home. In particular, he loves to see Mr. Power. Great atmosphere — we love how the instructors encourage him to be polite and use proper manners!

Parent of a Tiger student

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