Master Gee’s is a welcoming place for males and females alike. All our classes are co-ed and we take care to ensure that every student feels comfortable in class. In our children’s classes about 1/3 of our students are girls, and close to 45% of our adult students are women.

Classes are offered for three age groups: Tigers (ages 4-7), Juniors (ages 8-12) and Adults (ages 13+). Students attend 2-3 classes per week and are free to choose among the available class times for their level. We also offer “all belt” classes, which allow students of different levels to train together.

Classes are offered Monday to Saturday for all levels. Each class runs 45 minutes.

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Through our 30+ years of training in multiple martial arts styles, we’ve learned that each style has particular strengths. The exclusive curriculum developed by Master Gee teaches what we believe to be the best and most effective techniques among Tae kwon Do, Hapkido, Jiujitsu, Brazilian Jiujitsu and Modern Ninjutsu.

Classes offer fitness, martial arts skills and self defense components. In Tigers and Juniors classes, we also hold age-appropriate group discussions focusing on positive character development.

We make sure to mix up class activities to keep the curriculum interesting and fun! This may include working with pads and weight bags, fitness challenges, and ninja-style games.


Master Gee’s uses a belt level system of advancement. To achieve a first level black belt, students will require about three years of consistent instruction and training. Our approach helps to break this big goal down into smaller, manageable steps that promote ongoing motivation and celebrate students’ growth and achievement along the way.

Our martial arts curriculum is delivered in 10-week terms (five terms per year), allowing plenty of opportunity for students to learn and practice their required skills during the term. Within each term, students must attend 16-20 classes to be eligible for belt promotion.* They must also be able to demonstrate the required skills for their level. Most students are able to advance to the next belt level at the end of each term.

*Students in Black Belt Preparation require at least 24 weeks of training to advance to the next belt level.


Martial arts for the real world

Master Gee explains his unique approach to teaching martial arts techniques that really work.

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