Teens & Adults (ages 13+)

Master Gee’s Adult classes are offered for all students aged 13 and older.


We truly value our teen students and love to see them develop and mature into great young adults. As important members of our Adult classes, teens are treated with respect and encouragement and expected to demonstrate maturity and commitment. Surrounded by like-minded youth as well as adults with real world experience, teens see first-hand how focus, respect, and self discipline can give them a huge advantage in life.

Parents as students

A significant number of our adult students are parents of a Master Gee’s Tiger or Junior student. We’re delighted when a parent decides to enroll in our martial arts classes. Not only are they making a commitment to their own health and wellness, they’re acting as positive role models for their children. Sharing the training experience together is great for family bonding. It’s also economical: we offer special discounts for families of three or more students.


Adult and Junior belts for leadership program

Adult/Junior belt levels (leadership program).

Our Adult curriculum is designed to help develop:

  • Eye/Hand Coordination
  • Motor Skills and Dexterity
  • Strength & Flexibility
  • Stamina
  • Practice /Patience
  • Positive Friendships
  • Character Education
  • Self Confidence
  • Practice /Self Discipline
  • Personal Growth

Adult students progress through 15 belt levels to reach their 1st level black belt. Classes are offered according to belt level.
Beginner – White, Orange, Gold belts
Intermediate – Hi-Gold, Green, Hi-Green, Purple, Hi-Purple belts
Advanced – Blue, Hi-Blue, Red, Hi-Red, Brown belts
Black belt test preparation – Hi-Brown, Apprentice belts
Black belt


Master Gee’s has an excellent safety record. Our students learn and practice the majority of their martial arts skills without contact, often using hand held targets, pads or weight bags.

To ensure students also gain real-life self defense skills, Master Gee’s teaches sparring and throws. These elements are introduced slowly into the curriculum, once students have gained control of their kicks and punches and learned how to block (defend) and roll safely.

Starting at the Intermediate level, students begin to practice offensive and defensive moves with their classmates. Safety gear is required for this element of training and includes a helmet, chest guard, gloves, shin pads and boots. Students are paired according to gender and size, and they’re permitted to make light contact only on the chest guard or sides of the helmet.

Throw techniques are introduced at the Black Belt level as part of our self defense instruction. They are practiced only on the floor mats and are not permitted during sparring.

“My confidence and fitness have both improved dramatically.”

The instructors are great and I enjoy the positive attitude of everyone at the school. I look forward to every class and although I have a ways to go, I'm excited about reaching my goals.

Adult student

“Master Gee’s has helped me feel safer when I’m walking home at night.”

Its ability to help less-confident people become strong members of society is a very honorable one. My skills have improved and my mood as well.

Teen student

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