Master Gee’s COVID-19 Update

Attention Students & Parents of MGBBA:

After our meeting today, we made the decision that today, Monday March 16th, is our last day of classes before closing from March 17th to the 31st.

We will be carefully monitoring the situation and taking the necessary precautions for our students and staff. We believe that your health is top priority right now and are dedicated to doing what we can to help stop/limit the spread of Covid-19.

We will be applying a 2 week extension to all Programs and do a thorough cleaning of the dojo before reopening on April 1st. We will be offering Private Lesson vouchers to any students who will find it difficult to make up their missed classes and make adjustments to the required number of classes for Belt Promotion.

We will update our website, Facebook and Instagram as new information comes in and you can keep checking there for any updates as we are able to get them out.

We look forward to having you all back in
classes with us on April 1st!

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